Picnic in the Park Update

Hello all

HRCA has closed Websters Falls to the Optimists for July 1st. After 17 years our picnic is in danger of being cancelled.

Please contact George or Mert for more information. We are looking for guidance on whether we try and find an alternative location or cancel this worthy event.


One thought on “Picnic in the Park Update

  1. It saddens my heart to hear that the conservation authority has closed Websters falls on July 1st this year. Since my wife and I, and our family moved to Greensville 14 and half years ago, going to Websters on Canada day has always been a joy. The Optimists Club has always done a wonderful job at hosting this event. This year marks Canada’s 150 birthday and I cannot understand why of all years the park has to be closed off to such a patriotic event. Being forced to holding the event elsewhere would not hold the same joy and beauty that Websters falls has to offer. I certainly hope that the conservation authority had a really good, valid reason for this decision.

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