Greensville Optimist Club is dedicated to “Bringing Out the Best in Kids” and to doing their part through community service programs.  Since each club is autonomous and run by members in their community, the Optimists have the unique flexibility to serve the youth of their area in any way they see fit. Optimist Clubs see a need in their community and react to it.

Over the years we have helped save the cobblestone bridge in Websters Falls Park, built a walking trail along spencer creek, helped outfit both schools with computers and musical instruments and contributed to many school functions.

Internationally, Optimists conduct 65,000 community service projects each year, spending $78 million in their communities.  Annually, six million kids are positively affected by Optimist programs.

The club meets twice a month through the year except for in July and August.  One meeting is a board meeting, when all the business is dealt with and the second is a social dinner meeting.  Activities are spread throughout the year but the busiest times are in the spring and fall!

Membership fees are only $50 per year but it is not necessary to joint to take part.  We are a small club and are always in need of help! Anybody is welcome, anytime. We have no restrictions on age or gender.  Start out by sending an e-mail to greensvilleoptimistclub@gmail.com and we will add you to our distribution list.  You can also friend us on Facebook or use this website to keep up with what is happening in the village.

If only one event interests you per year, that is fine! Just let us know in advance and we will put you to work.

This club could do so much more with an increase in membership numbers, please make some time for the Optimists, you will never regret it.